Looking to prevent skin damage and maintaining younger patient’s skin quality? Then this is the perfect starter treatment for you.

It helps to remodel areas with a high fibrous content such as acne scars.

Polynucleotides with High Purification Technology (PN-HPTTM) are natural origin products obtained through a technology featuring a high degree of purification and safety.

Safety: The product was very well tolerated and the injections without much pain. No cases of severe side effects due to the highly bio-compatible nature of the gel/product.

Efficacy: 91% of patients demonstrated clinical improvement in the reduction of superficial fine lines and wrinkles based on physician assessment.
+14.7% improvement in skin hydration vs baseline.
+21.8% increase in skin elasticity.

In more than 90% of the subjects PN-HPTTM demonstrated overall clinical improvements of the skin texture and reductions of superficial fine wrinkles.

2ml intradermally with micro-droplet or linear retrograde technique.
One session (2ml) every 14 or 21 days for a total of 3 sessions.

30 Micro-droplets (0.1-0.2ml at each injection point) subdermally.
One session (4ml) every 3 weeks for total of 2 sessions.

Face, Neck, and Décolleté.


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